Traditional Physicals

In a traditional practice, an annual physical provides a benchmark on health indicators for future comparative purposes. It may also detect potential problems early enough for intervention to positively affect quality of life and possibly even mortality.

Concierge Physicals Offer Much More

The concierge annual screening exam goes well beyond the kind of traditional annual exam that is covered by insurance and government programs. I am therefore able to offer a highly customized exam that meets the true health needs of the individual patient.

There is more to the annual concierge screening exam than just tests and benchmarks. The extra time a physician is able to spend with their patient allows them to connect on a more personal level, and discuss other issues affecting a patient’s health which may not be quantifiable in screenings and tests. This forges a bond of trust between the physician and patient, creating a relationship that facilitates openness and honesty—a relationship that could not be achieved with only episodic care. Understanding a patient in this manner could positively affect outcomes. A doctor with a deep knowledge of his patient is much more likely to sense changes in their physical and even emotional health.

Why I Offer This

I offer this concierge program because it allows me the extra time needed to provide you with personalized care and a level of attention and service that, as a physician, I believe are so important. From punctual and unhurried visits to in-depth telephone consultations and wellness programs designed to keep you fit and healthy, my concierge program offers the additional services that many of my patients and their families are seeking.

Perhaps most importantly, my concierge program offers peace of mind. You can be sure that I will be available to you 24-hours a day, seven days a week should you need me. From emergency office visits to hospital visits and care, my concierge program allows me to care for your physical and emotional needs in an environment that is conducive to your personal health and well being.

The annual membership fee for the program is currently $3,000 and is made payable via credit card, check or automatic deduction. There are easy payment plans available to meet your needs. For details, please call Concierge Choice Physicians at 877.888.5565.

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